Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Learning to take the time

We are moving into the busiest time of the year. The holidays come and feels like all we do is go go go go go. And then go some more. In a time of the year when we should be slowing down and enjoying the blessings the Lord has provided for us and sharing those blessings with others, we get bogged down with hectic schedules trying to fit it all in.

This year I'm going to challenge you, and myself to do it a little differently.

There is nothing more wonderful and humbling than your 2 year old teaching YOU a lesson. We were at target the other day. (Not a rare occurrence for us) When we go to target Brody always wants to "touch the balls." There's something so intriguing to him about these giant spheres that line target. Every time we go I let him touch one, two, maybe three and then hurry him into the store so we can o about our business. On this particular day Brody said, "No Momma, I want to touch ALL the balls!" As I was getting ready to tell him, no that's enough, I caught myself and thought, "Why not?" What am I in such a hurry about that we can't walk clear to the end of the building and make our way back. We weren't on any kind of schedule and in no rush to go anywhere so we went with it. As I'm holding his hand and walking along the sidewalk up to the store and watch him pat the top of each ball I thought. Whoa. Look at this joy. Brody is having a blast doing this and it's taking a minuscule amount of time out of our day to do this.

We slowed down, enjoyed the moment and just rolled with it. And it changed my perspective. How much joy am I missing out on in a day when I rush through the little parts of life? This time of year is full of little moments and I fully intend on embracing them. I don't want to rush through or miss one glorious microscopic minute of this glorious season.

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