Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween, Corter Style

I am an avid lover of all things festive, holiday, and celebratory. I am about as sentimental as they come. Lance claims my spiritual gift is hospitality. I love opening up our home (whether literally, or figuratively through hosting at another location) and loving on people through food, fellowship and making memories.

Last year we hosted our first halloween party. It was so much fun to decorate, cook and have our friends in our home and seeing their cute littles all dressed up. Brody is blessed with lots of little automatic friends through our close group friends. So naturally, I just had to do it again this year.

This year I decided to go with a "Monster Mash" theme. Our kids are all still to little to get into too much of the "spooky" aspects of halloween, so this was a much better direction.

I had some fun games planned for the kids to play. 

The monster slime was definitely the favorite. The kids spent most of the night playing with this and it was so easy to make! 

Here's a look at the decorations for the party. Usually I make a lot of the decorations for my parities, but I found a ton of cute monster themed decorations at Hobby Lobby and gave myself a break for this one. I love how everything tied together! 

For food, I went with the old fall stand by, a chili bar. I had cheese, fritos and jalapeƱos out for people to add, and hotdogs for the kids. I poured some chef mix into a bowl and called it "monster mush." 

The desserts were my favorite and turned out to be a huge hit. I made cupcakes and had candy melts in all different design and squiggles and candy eyes set out so the kids could make their own monsters. I also made "Monster Mallows" by dipping marshmallows in candy melts, adding some candy eyes and piping on some frosting hair. The great thing about monsters, is it's better if they're not perfect, so it definitely takes off a lot of pressure! 

We had such a great time! I think a halloween party will definitely be an annual thing for us. It's going to be so neat to watch the kids grow up together and have these fun memories to share!
I'm pretty sure it's near impossible to get a group of toddlers to stand still OR look in the same direction. But don't they look great?!
Trick or Treating

Our church does a huge trunk N treat every year that is open to the entire community. This year they hosted in on the Wednesday before Halloween. This is what we've decided to do as our only "trick or treating" event. Brody gets a TON of candy (more than he could ever need) and most of the people that really want to see him dressed up are there, so this route just works for us. It had rained all day, so instead of worrying about canceling and rescheduling, it got moved inside to the fellowship hall and it actually worked out really smoothly! 

Brody even found another rodeo cowboy that also just happens to be one of his favorite big kids! 

Halloween Day

Even though we don't do traditional trick or treating, I still wanted to make this a fun day. So we got up early, had a spooookyy halloween breakfast and Brody put on his costume. 

We went up to his daycare to join in on the party and took one of our favorite treats, DONUTS! 

It was so fun to see Brody interacting with his friends and his teachers. There is always a little bit of worry that accompanies sending your child to a daycare and seeing him so happy there and loved on helps alleviate some of that worry. 

Then we hopped back in the car and headed to Momma's work to see Brody's Aunt Eyah and our good friend Tracie. Oh, and did I mention the hospital I work at has a Coffee shop that serves Starbucks right in the lobby?! So naturally, we stopped for a warm drink. 

Then we headed on over to Daddy's work and did some office to office trick or treating then had a fun lunch with daddy. 

That night, Brody put on his Halloween jammies, we ate pigs-in-a-blanket and french fries for dinner and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," as we passed out candy to trick or treaters. Brody loved running to the door and seeing the kids coming by dressed up. 

I love the way we do Halloween. It just works for our family and can't wait to just keep building these memories every year. What are some of your halloween traditions?

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