Thursday, December 8, 2011

Public Enemy Number One

My darling baby will eat any vegetable I offer. He doesn't always eat much of them, but he is always a trooper and tries them. He has had everything from squash to peas to broccoli and everything in between.

No, veggies are not our problem, our problem comes in the sweet counterpart to veggies. Fruit of any kind. Every bite of fruit I give Brody makes him gag. And I'm not talking little gags, I mean full fledged eyes watering, saliva pouring choking on this atrocity gagging.

I love fruit and had high hopes Brody would take after me I'm that aspect. I was so excited for him to start fruits because I just knew he would love them! I mean they're sweet, who doesn't. I am trucking on though, and checking each age appropriate fruit of the list. We are trying mango tonight, wish us luck! Any tips on introducing fruit, fruit hate, mommy tricks are much appreciated!

What foods do your kids despise?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Must Have Monday!

Sorry I've been a little MIA; life has been crazy between work, the holidays, and sleep training (more on that later :)) Anywho, I'm back! And it's time for da da dada...MUST HAVE MONDAY! This week, my mommy must have is my Moby. Here's what the manufacturer says...

"Soft, comfortable and supportive, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - Black makes use of your back and shoulders to support the weight of your little one. This innovative carrier is designed for parents who are looking to keep baby close for the additional warmth, security, bonding time and other benefits that close contact can confer. This wide piece of washable cotton fabric is soft and cozy enough for an infant and designed without buckles, snaps, fasteners or other elements that might irritate mom and dad. When properly wrapped around the adult's upper body, it provides a safe, stable and intimate way to carry baby and stay active."


This thing has been a lifesaver. I originally purchased it when I was on maternity leave and after a few weeks needed to figure out how to get things done around the house with this sweet baby. It is so soft, and when wrapped correctly, so cozy for the baby! Brody would get in and fall almost instantly asleep. He liked to be swaddled, so this was the ultimate comfort for him. I'm still using it at seven months for trips to the grocery store, or shopping. It is totally secure, and once I got used to it, I feel totally secure with Brody being in it. The only con for this product, is it does take some getting used to while trying to learn to tie it appropriately. I love the Moby and am sure it will only get better when baby number two comes along and I'm running out of hands! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

His new favorite toy!


Do you think he looks like his daddy much? :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Must Have Monday!

This week's must have is my Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast pump. This has been a life saver for us. Since before we got pregnant L and I have been on the same page when it comes to breast feeding, for us breast milk for a year is the best option for baby B. Now, I am a working momma so the only option we have for exclusive breast milk is for me to pump at work. I absolutely loathe pumping, but with this bad boy it makes the task a little less daunting. I pump once before work, one to two times at work and once before bed. My pumping times average from ten to fifteen minutes, and with this pump I'm able to get at least five to ten ounces at each session. Here is the manufacture's description.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag is a daily use, double, electric breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet and discreet pumping. An adjustable speed/vacuum dial lets you choose the most comfortable setting, and the battery pack lets you pump anywhere at any time. Create more milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression technology and pump efficiently with the Maximum Comfort Vacuum option. An attractive PVC-free microfiber shoulder bag holds everything you need to pump, including a removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack that can keep milk cool for up to 12 hours. The bag offers useful storage pockets for organization and an integrated work surface for convenience. All parts of the pump that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free.

My favorite features include the speed at which I can express all my milk and get back to work. I love the shoulder bag it all comes in. Everything I need fits inside the bag so I am not carting five hundred pieces to and from work. It is so convenient to have the option to switch to the battery feature if I were to need it in a car or somewhere an electrical outlet is not readily available. I honestly cannot come up with any cons for this product. I hate pumping but this little dandy makes it a tolerable task. :)

I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just really love this product!

Todays blessing: I am not on call and it is a short work week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby B's Christmas List!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I turn from Mrs. Optimist to Mrs. Over-the-top with joy from mid November to January. I absolutely love Christmas. I love the weather, I love the colors, I love the smells, I love the traditions. I love all things celebratory and meaningful. Gift giving is one of my absolute favorite aspects of the holiday season, and this year is going to be even more fun! Now we have our precious baby B to lavish gifts upon. I've already started planning his christmas list and thought I would share a few of our "wanna gets" with you.

Here are some things that will be gracing our living room after the pitter patter of reindeer feet have left our roof.

1. Fun LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table for baby B to groove around.

2. Playskool Poppin Park Bounce 'n Ride. B loves to bounce! He bounces any time his feet or bottom are touching anything solid. I can't wait to see him use this, and bonus it transitions to a rider!

3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn - Learning Puppy. We played with this at the store and B loved all the fun songs and noises it make. It has a lot of educational features too!

4. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether. I've been wanting this for B forever and with only two teeth in he will be able to get pleanty of use out of it.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin' Smart Phone. B loves to watch my cell phone, but i never let him play with it because of all the germs you hear are lurking. This way he will have his very own to be facinated with!

6. Baby Einstein: Baby's First Sounds: Discoveries for Little Ears DVD. Along with a few other DVDs we will be adding to B's collection, with some Baby Einsteins. I'm sure we will throw in a few Disney classics as well.

7. Snuggle Puppy! A Little Love Song Board Book. Some fun board books to add to his library.

8. Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper - Blue. I can't wait to see B's facination peeked by these fun popping balls!

These are the things that Santa and Momma and Daddy will be getting sweet B this year. Along with a few more ideas I have brewing, he will be getting some new clothes (comfy and church attire), new shoes (big time need), and some fun stocking stuffers (I'm thinking puffs, socks, and hats :)) I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning. Ok, Ok, this year it will be way more for me and L. But I'm sure he will love the bows, paper and boxes!

What are  your little ones getting this year?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's "thankful Thursday," time to take some time and reflect on what I am thankful for this week. Yesterday was Mr. C's birthday, so in celebration of his life, I'm thankful for him today. Now let me just preface this with the fact that my husband is absolutely amazing and he sets the bar pretty high :). There are SO many reasons I am thankful for him, here are just the top ten.

10. He helps clean house
9. His faith is so strong
8. He's a leader
7. He's so reliable
6. He's stinkin' hot!
5. He brings me surprises
4. He works so hard
3. He is absolutely amazing with our child
2. He is so funny
1. He loves me, everyday

Today's everyday blessing- my amazing husband helped got up with Baby B last night because I was so exhausted. Isn't he just the greatest?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Must Have Monday

I love hearing what works for other moms and there little ones, and thought you might like to hear some of our favorite things. So, I will be starting a series called "must have Monday." each week I will share one of our can't live withouts with you.

This week my must have is the Summer Infant SwaddleMe. From day one we have swaddled B when he sleeps. We have found it's soothing for him, and really helps him sleep better. At first we just swaddled with a crib blanket but soon are future basketball star got too tall for this and had to find a different way. When we found this swaddle we were kicking ourselves for not searching it out sooner. Here is the product description from the company.

"Wrap your baby in the comfort of the SwaddleMe and rest assured she will sleep safe, sound and secure. As the original fitted swaddling blanket, the renowned SwaddleMe soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the familiar, soothing snugness of the womb. It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, allowing babies to sleep for longer periods of time. The award-winning SwaddleMe has revolutionized the way babies - and parents - sleep around the world and it has forged an international renaissance in swaddling. New studies show that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting a safer level of sleep and by providing better sleep when infants are on their back."

My favorite features are the Velcro that secures the Swaddle so you are not struggling to tuck the blanket just right. I also love that you just stick baby in and don't have to worry about pre-folding. The only con I found was you have to completely unswaddle the baby for middle if the night diaper changes.

We have even extended our use of this product. Now that Brody can roll over we swaddle him with his arms out so he still feels secure and kept warm, but his arms are free to move about independently.

I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post. I just love this product.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Baby B has had a runny nose/cough/sneeze for the last month and a half. We've been to the Dr. twice for it. The first time, she tells us it's a cold, the second time, double ear infections. My poor baby has been miserable. After a week of antibiotics he is still having a lot of drainage and sneezing. So I call the Dr. to ask if maybe we should try an antihistamine. In stops Zyrtec to save the day! From day one he has felt better, been happier, and thank goodness, stopped the snotting! Added bonus? He's finally sleeping better! Since starting the zyrtec he's only gotten up one-two times a night when we've been average three two four. I am so glad my baby finally feels better!

And some bath time cuteness to brighten your day :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet the C family!

Hello all! I'm Mrs. C, married to Mr. C. We met at church in 2004 when I was just a senior in high school. I followed my prince charming to college where we got engaged two years later. We had a beautiful June wedding in 2007 and have been falling more in love since.
In August 2010 we discovered we were pregnant! It was a surprise but we were so excited. After a great pregnancy full of heartburn and chili cheese fries with hot sauce cravings. On April 6, 2011 after an 18 hour labor we welcomed our sweet baby B into the world. We're going strong at 7 months of exclusively breastfeeding. I make all of B's baby food, and am playing with the idea of cloth diapering.
I'm a full time OR nurse that dreams of being a stay at home mom some day. I love coffee, cooking, and saving money. I love the Lord with all my heart, and my goal every day is to love God, and love people.
I'm starting this blog as a creative outlet that's something for me. I'm hoping it can help me focus on the blessings we're given everyday as opposed to being sucked into the negativity that surrounds us. Plus, I get to brag about sweet baby B and the sexy Mr. C. How much better can it get?!
Welcome to my small part of the world and enjoy!