Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down on the farm

Brody loves everything about life on a farm. He loves the animals, the clothes, the chores. Stick this kid on a farm and he is happy. He chooses to wear his "bowboy" boots with everything. Give the kid a hat and fuhgetaboutit! It'll stay there all day. So when it came time to plan his second birthday party, a party on the farm is where we went.

There is a great pumpkin patch that we went to last fall (you can read about it here) and I knew it would be the perfect location for Brody's birthday party. They have the cutest barns on site, a petting zoo, a train ride and a play area. The staff was absolutely fabulous to work with! I would highly recommend  Annabelle's Fun Farm! Brody got sick and was diagnosed with pneumonia two days before his birthday so we had to cancel last minute and reschedule. The owners were super understandable and worked with us.

Finally came the day for us to hit the farm and here's how we did it...

Kept the food super simple with hot dogs and chips :). 

My sister-in-law made the adorable, not to mention delicious, cake and cupcakes. We had lemon, cookies and cream and chocolate cupcakes and the cake was white cake with strawberry filling. To die for! 

And a farm ain't a farm with out sweet tea and lemonade. 

I LOVED the way these milk jugs turned out!

Goody bags for the everyone! All the kids got a cowboy hat and bandana. They also got to pick out a farm animal mask. Inside the bags were bubbles, suckers, farm stickers and a farm animal rubber ducky. 

There was so much for the kids to do at the farm! They got free reign of the place and got to just run around to their hearts content! There's a great petting zoo (no picture, momma fail) with all kinds of animals for the kids to see and pet. The owners were there to take the kid on train rides and they have an awesome play area with swings and slides. 

Then came time for cake and presents. This year was so fun because Brody was actually more into the whole idea :). He joined in the singing and loved picking out a cake :). Brody was so cute opening his presents He got some really awesome toys this year and his momma he was ready to tear into each one and start playing right away! 

We had such a great time and can't wait to go back to Annabelle's this fall when the pumpkin patch and corn maze are all ripe and ready!