Sunday, November 13, 2011


Baby B has had a runny nose/cough/sneeze for the last month and a half. We've been to the Dr. twice for it. The first time, she tells us it's a cold, the second time, double ear infections. My poor baby has been miserable. After a week of antibiotics he is still having a lot of drainage and sneezing. So I call the Dr. to ask if maybe we should try an antihistamine. In stops Zyrtec to save the day! From day one he has felt better, been happier, and thank goodness, stopped the snotting! Added bonus? He's finally sleeping better! Since starting the zyrtec he's only gotten up one-two times a night when we've been average three two four. I am so glad my baby finally feels better!

And some bath time cuteness to brighten your day :)

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