Sunday, November 20, 2011

Must Have Monday!

This week's must have is my Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast pump. This has been a life saver for us. Since before we got pregnant L and I have been on the same page when it comes to breast feeding, for us breast milk for a year is the best option for baby B. Now, I am a working momma so the only option we have for exclusive breast milk is for me to pump at work. I absolutely loathe pumping, but with this bad boy it makes the task a little less daunting. I pump once before work, one to two times at work and once before bed. My pumping times average from ten to fifteen minutes, and with this pump I'm able to get at least five to ten ounces at each session. Here is the manufacture's description.

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Shoulder Bag is a daily use, double, electric breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day. All Pump In Style Advanced breastpumps offer portable convenience for quiet and discreet pumping. An adjustable speed/vacuum dial lets you choose the most comfortable setting, and the battery pack lets you pump anywhere at any time. Create more milk in less time with 2-Phase Expression technology and pump efficiently with the Maximum Comfort Vacuum option. An attractive PVC-free microfiber shoulder bag holds everything you need to pump, including a removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack that can keep milk cool for up to 12 hours. The bag offers useful storage pockets for organization and an integrated work surface for convenience. All parts of the pump that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free.

My favorite features include the speed at which I can express all my milk and get back to work. I love the shoulder bag it all comes in. Everything I need fits inside the bag so I am not carting five hundred pieces to and from work. It is so convenient to have the option to switch to the battery feature if I were to need it in a car or somewhere an electrical outlet is not readily available. I honestly cannot come up with any cons for this product. I hate pumping but this little dandy makes it a tolerable task. :)

I was not compensated in any way for this post; I just really love this product!

Todays blessing: I am not on call and it is a short work week!

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