Monday, July 9, 2012

Separation Anxiety

     Ok mommas, tell me we're not the only ones going through this. Brody has got some MAJOR separation anxiety. I cannot leave him with out epic meltdowns ensuing. Brody stays at home everyday, even when I was working full time. Family comes over to watch him on the days I work. Since I have to leave so early, he is almost always asleep when I leave for work. Knowing that Brody would be limited in his interaction with other kids, Lance and I decided to start putting him in the nursery in church at 8 weeks so he would be used to the nursery, used  to being left, and have opportunities to play with other kids his age.
     However, this has not helped us any. I take Brody to nursery and you can see his little heart breaking as I walk out of the room saying, "it's ok Brody, momma loves you. I'll be back soon." About 82.6% of the time we see the number assigned to Brody for quick identification pop up on the big screens at the front of the auditorium. I hurriedly scramble past other parents knowing they know exactly why I'm running out of there as, what I think is inconspicuous but is probably clumsy and obvious, quickly as possible. I walk into nursery, pick him up, and bam. Life is good. Mom's here I can play, but don't you dare leave again woman.
     Separation anxiety reared its ugly head once again tonight. We are having VBS this week at church and Lance and I are helping with the Middle School kids. One of our friends teenage kids took Brody to class and he did great, peaked in on him as I'm going into the auditorium and see he is happily playing in a spectacular blue toy boat. I think "Yea! He's got it! This is going to be late." But, no. About 30 minutes later a worker comes and gets me and says, "We can't get him to stop crying we've tried everything."
     So, Brody and I go back into class and my sweet baby boy is as happy as can be. Now, you see this would be just fine and dandy if Brody had taken more after his laid back, life is good father and less after his 5 second attention span, on to the next thing, way too loud momma. A few minutes into being in class he's running around babbling happily and looking for balls. I scoop Brody up and we boogy on out of class. Where he runs around the halls happily looking at one thing then another. We are very fortunate to have a couple we are close to that Brody is very comfortable around and she found us outside and took Brody for a walk while I went back into class.
     I'm just at a total loss at what to do y'all. Lance thinks we should just try sneaking out so he doesn't get so upset in the first place, but from what I've seen that just makes matters worse. We try sending comfort items with him. That doesn't usually seem to help either. I really want Brody to be well adjusted and able to interact with other toddlers and not be attached to my hip 24/7. While a small part of me secretly likes that someone loves me THAT MUCH, that they cannot bear a second away from me. I know for Brody, it's best if he is able to have some time away from us. So please, if anyone has ANY tips, advice, been theres or feel for yas...pleas Please PLEASE send them my way.


  1. Sarah, I can't say I dealt with SA with Kamden as he has always gone to LPA with me, but as an infant/toddler teacher there for years, I can say I HAVE dealt with it. The biggest thing I can say is don't keep going back in there. He will be fine & will get over it. He is learning that each time he throws a fit you come right back in. He will likely continue. When you see your name, go check with the teachers that everything is ok, but don't let him see you. Then as hard as it is go back to church. He will be fine! Do always tell him bye & that you will be back when you leave & when you come back let him know you ALWAYS COME BACK! It might not be a bad idea to try a Mother's Morning out a day or 2 during the week as well. If nothing else, he will out grow it eventually! Just my opinions...