Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dish Soap Mania

I have been searching for fun, educational activities to do with Brody. It is so stinkin' hot here right now our time outside is limited to just a about thirty minutes in the morning and another short outside time in the evening. My poor boy. Y'all this kid would LIVE outside if I let them. At the end of our thirty minutes he's all red cheeked and sweaty but still gets so upset when I have to carry him inside.
So, most of our play/learning time is sequestered indoors. There's only so many times you can walk from one end of the house to the other, read the same book 385734530 times in a day and through the same ball at the same wall. Enter, dish soap mania. This was SO easy. We took ours outside for a tester, but you could easily do this inside as well (hello found a way to get the toddler to clean the floor. I'm just kidding. But really...).

All you do is squirt some dish soap into your food processor, add a bit of water and voila! Dish soap mania! See how foamy that is! That is only from a 1/4 cup soap and water (a little more soap than water)!

I sat Brody on the counter while I mixed it up and he loved watching the white foam appear out of nowhere. we then loaded up the bowl (sans blade), a cookie sheet, a ladle and a shovel and headed outside. Brody loved stirring it, sticking his hands in it, and watching it blow across the concreted when he dumped it out of the ladle. You can squish your fingers and toes in it, blow bubbles in it And hey, if they eat it (like my child did), it's just soap, no harm done.

You could easily add food coloring to this for some added fun. I would recommend taking the colored stuff outside though because it would be a little more difficult to clean up, and I'm all about easy. The foam lated about twenty minutes, and you could easily go whip up another batch if your kiddos are still interested in it. So go try this and have some Dish Soap Mania Fun!

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