Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

     This weekend we took Brody to a pumpkin patch near our home. I honestly didn't go into it with the highest expectations. We are from a really small town, and we are the county seat :). So, little did I know we would find such an awesome patch so close to home! The pumpkin patch is called Annabelle's Fun Farm; it is a pick your own patch and so much more!

How Cute is the this?! This is where you check in and buy your tickets. They also have a ton of homemade seasonal home decor for sale, and a concession stand. 

It started raining as soon as we pulled in, so we were a little worried we may not get to enjoy the farm after all. But the rain stopped for a minute so we decided to go for it. These were the ominous clouds that lurked the whole afternoon though. 

Our first stop after purchasing our tickets was the petting zoo. 
Brody had so much fun here! The animal pens were painted to match the atmosphere of the whole farm. They had pigs, a HUGE tom turkey, peacocks, ducks, chickens, about 8-10 goats, miniature horses, and sheep. Brody's favorite were the goats. There were a few roaming between the pens and they would just come up and sniff you. He thought that was pretty funny :)

After the petting zoo, we made our way over to the play area. 

How cute is this barn/play area! Brody had such a blast on the swings! 

This patch did not have a traditional corn maze. But they had the best train! You gave the conductor (complete with hat and all!) Your ticket, picked a car, and hoped on for a trip through the corn field! They had it all decked out with grave yards, scarecrows, and skeletons throughout the field. It was SO windy outside! That's what's got Brody's hair so crazy in the bottom right picture :). Brody had such a great time riding and did NOT want to get off when it was over! 

It was time to head out into the pick your own patch and he saw all the pumpkins and wagons! 
We picked up a few pumpkins, then hoped on to Brody's first hay ride! Brody loves all things tractors and had a blast riding behind this one, taking in the scenes. 
There were a few more activities the farm had that were just a little too old for Brody. But we'll try to catch them next year. Including bounce houses and air canons. It was a big day for Oklahoma college football so the air canons were rigged up to shoot at scarecrows in either, OU, OSU or Texas gear. (Go Pokes!) They also had this fun station you could "mine" for minerals. 

It started pouring just as we were getting ready to leave. We were so thankful it held off long enough for us to get all of our fun in. Brody had such a great time, we had a bit of a melt down when it was time to get in the car. It only lasted a few short minutes though. We were probably not even a mile section down the road and I looked back and found this. 

It was so great to check an item off of our family fall bucket list. I know we'll be back at Annabelle's in the years to come, and am excited to see it become a tradition for our little family. 

Do any of you go to pumpkin patches as part of a family tradition? If not, what activities do you do to welcome in the season? 

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