Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Handsome Hub!

      This week I want to introduce you to my favorite man. The man the Lord has trusted me to love, serve and share life with. He is SUCH an amazing man. One post will in no way do him enough justice, so I'll have to just try to hit some highlights.
     Lance is an extremely hard worker. He currently works for a local county as a case worker, but goes to school two nights a week working towards his Masters Degree in Social Work. He does such a trying job all day, goes to school, comes home and does homework, but still finds time to clean up dinner while I start Brody's bath, switch the laundry out for me, take care of the yard and so much more.
     He has got a huge servants heart. He is a deacon in our church, leads a discipleship group full of eighth grade boys, and co leads a young adults bible study on Wednesday night. He never ceases to amaze me with his willingness to give of himself to help someone in need. The Lord has gifted him relationally so much so that people feel like they've known him their entire lives even if they've only known him a few weeks. I like to tease him because even though we live in MY home town, I am now referred to as "Lance's wife." And that's ok, it's a title I'm proud to hold. He has helped grow me spiritually in so many ways. I had only been in the church for a little over a year when we started dating and he has really shown God's heart to me and shown me what it looks like to live with the Light and Joy shining through.

     Lance likes to say that sarcasm is his love language and spiritual gift. Now, while we joke about that, Lance does happen to be one of the most sarcastic people I know, but he knows how to use it in a tasteful and hilarious way. I tell him I get so frustrated because when he does something that may start a tiff I just want to be mad at him for a little bit, but I can't! He does something to make me laugh and I forget all about it and move on. :)
      He is such an amazing father. I always knew he would be, but it amazes me when I look at him and see the ways the Lord has grown and stretched him since stepping into this role. I'm pretty sure Brody thinks he hung the moon. He can tell when it is close to the time Lance normally gets home and starts going to our picture window, looking for him saying "da da, da da" :). He comes home and no matter what kind of day he has had or how tired he is he gets down on the floor and plays ball or cars with Brody to Brody's little hearts content. He openly tells me how much he misses Brody when he has to go a couple days without seeing him. He's not afraid to act goofy with him just to get a smile. He also is a very strong leader to our son. Brody knows to take Lance seriously and usually obeys him without a second warning. He exemplifies a godly father and can't wait to see how many more children the Lord blesses us with.
     Some random lighter facts about Lance. He has a sweet tooth bigger than anyone I've ever met. He could eat candy, chips, pop  any type of junk food every day and be perfectly happy. He is a man's man. He loves to hunt, fish and watch and play sports. If something breaks in the house he fixes it. I'm constantly impressed with all of the skills he has. One of our favorite common hobbies is to shop, and can go through an amazing amount of money in a short amount of time if you drop us off at an outlet mall. He use to play basketball and is still very good. I'm not kidding, the man has one of the prettiest shots I've ever seen.
      I am so thankful for this man. It has been so fun showing him off to you guys! We are writing one pretty amazing love story and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. :)

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