Thursday, October 25, 2012

18 Months?!

Dear Brody,
     I can't believe you are 18 months! (plus some!). You are such a joy! Your Dad and I are SO blessed to be your parents. You constantly keep us laughing with your silly faces and your every growing sense of humor! It is so fun to see you start to develop a sense of humor and I really think you're making jokes already! You'll do something silly or crazy and then crack up at your self; it's really the cutest thing in the world!

 Your favorite toys right now are your horses, your books, cars and your kitchen. We spend most of our days running between these few things. You love to be outside most of all though :). Crazy Oklahoma weather has forced us to stay inside here lately because of rain, heat, cold and all of the above! You love to drive your truck, swing, and sword fight with sticks. Our good friends the Panters have all kinds of animals that you love to go see! When we say we're going to KP's house, you know you'll get to see horses and cows and get so excited! And dogs! Oh boy, do you love dogs! Any time you see a sliding/french/or any kind of back door, you run to it saying "GOG GOG GOG!" you just KNOW there will be a fur buddy on the other side. It's so cute because you get really confused if there's not one! Bath time is also one of your favorites. :) Any time I say "bath," you immediately run to the bathroom, throw back the shower curtain and start tossing in your soap. Shouting "bat bat bat" the whole time. :) 

Your vocabulary is really starting to boom! We still have a little bit of a hard time differentiating some words, but you're trying so hard and we are SO proud of you! Your regularly say, dog, cracker, momma, dada, moo, neigh, quack, baa, hot, hat, bath, car, tractor, out, bible, flag, ball, baby and a few more I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's so encouraging to see your words growing. It seems like just yesterday we were worried you couldn't hear at all and now, you can hear a dog bark a mile away and recognize it. Your signing is also incredible! You sign so many words and pick up new ones weekly! We're working on colors and you love learning about different animals and shapes. You are so smart Brody; I can see it in your eyes. :) 

Another change this month is a little visitor we get twice a week. Baby Hudson. I was a little worried how you would adjust at first because you are so use to having all my attention all day. The first day was not even rough for you! Just a little confusing maybe, but you have adapted SO well! You love looking at him and get so concerned if he gets upset! You have even started giving him kisses. You are such a kind boy with such a tender heart. Please keep this trait forever. You are just the sweetest. I know someday you will be a fantastic brother. :) 

It is amazing how fast you are growing! You are sleeping so great and eating like a champ! You've transitioned to one nap a day and are still sleeping 10-12 hours at night. We still have binky for a few more days and woobie and your dog accompany you to every bed time :). Your favorite foods are bananas, apples, grapes, chicken, green beans, peas and corn. You are a pretty diverse eater and will try almost any thing I give you. Your foodie momma is so proud of that Brody! You love to eat, cook and everything culinary! I can't wait to start cooking/baking together. I know it will be a great bonding time for us! You also have a sweet tooth. You come by it naturally though. Your daddy and I both love our sweets. But it's alright, everything in moderation 

Your are in size four diapers and clothes are 18-24 months. You are so long and lean a lot of the time your pants will be too big in the waist or too short in the length. So far your built just like your daddy little man. Your feet are a different story though; those are momma's all the way! There big and wide just like mine! Sorry buddy. We went shoe shopping the other day and had to buy you 7s and I'm sure they won't last until spring!

Brody Pate, I could go on forever bragging about you. You are an absolute blessing to be around. I thank the Lord every day that he picked ME to be your momma. You are just the best little boy! It amazes me the connection we have and how much fun we have spending our days together. I hate leaving you in the morning and can't wait to get home to you in the evening. It is so exciting to see you growing and learning every day! Your daddy and I cherish each milestone and love seeing your learn new things! But it's ok if you want to slow down just a little! Let us enjoy it slowly. I pray for you every day sweet boy. You are my heart. 

I love you to the moon and back... 


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