Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Pinterest Love

Brody is really getting into crafts and art projects, so I have tried to add at least a couple (other than drawing with crayons and paper, which he does daily) into our weekly rotation. I also am a serious holiday junkie. I go overboard and love it. So when I found this pinterest inspired Valentine's craft I knew we had to give it a go, and it was a total success! This craft was so easy and Brody had a blast doing it. Toilet Paper roll as a heart stamp? Hello genius. 

1 toilet paper roll

That simple folks. I cut the toilet paper roll into two so that Brody could have a red stamp and a pink stamp, dipped the ends in paint and let him go to town! 

 **TIP- I always use blue painter's tape to secure the paper to the table. This way, the paper stays put, it peels up easier than regular tape and comes right off his paper without tearing!**
He loves craft time!

The dude is serious about his art 

Ok, maybe not SO serious :) 

Bonus? When they get bored of painting, the stamps make an awesome telescope! Yo Ho Ho! 

The finished Project!
And someone trying to sneak their cute little hands back into the paint :) 

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