Thursday, December 8, 2011

Public Enemy Number One

My darling baby will eat any vegetable I offer. He doesn't always eat much of them, but he is always a trooper and tries them. He has had everything from squash to peas to broccoli and everything in between.

No, veggies are not our problem, our problem comes in the sweet counterpart to veggies. Fruit of any kind. Every bite of fruit I give Brody makes him gag. And I'm not talking little gags, I mean full fledged eyes watering, saliva pouring choking on this atrocity gagging.

I love fruit and had high hopes Brody would take after me I'm that aspect. I was so excited for him to start fruits because I just knew he would love them! I mean they're sweet, who doesn't. I am trucking on though, and checking each age appropriate fruit of the list. We are trying mango tonight, wish us luck! Any tips on introducing fruit, fruit hate, mommy tricks are much appreciated!

What foods do your kids despise?

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  1. Like I told you before, Lucas will not bananas! He will eat anything in the jar, but he will tolerate pears, peaches and mandarins oranges. That's all we have tried so far. Oh and he loves applesauce!!